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Though he knew repealing the laws would mean the end of his ministry, Peel decided to do so. Blake points out that if Peel had been convinced that total repeal was necessary to stave off the famine, he would have enacted a bill that brought about immediate temporary repeal, not permanent repeal over a three-year period of gradual tapering-off of duties.

The historian Boyd Hilton argued that Peel knew from he was going to be deposed as the Conservative leader. Many of his MPs had taken to voting against him, and the rupture within the party between liberals and paternalists, which had been so damaging in the s but masked by the issue of parliamentary reform in the s, was brought to the surface over the Corn Laws.

As an aside in reference to the repeal of the Corn Laws, Peel did make some moves to subsidise the purchase of food for the Irish, but this attempt was small and had little tangible effect. In the age of laissez-faire , [73] government taxes were small, and subsidies or direct economic interference was almost nonexistent. That subsidies were actually given was very much out of character for the political times; Peel's successor, Lord John Russell , received more criticism than Peel on Irish policy. The repeal of the Corn Laws was more political than humanitarian.

He continued to stand on his conservative principles, however, and refused. Nevertheless, he was influential on several important issues, including the furtherance of British free trade with the repeal of the Navigation Acts. Peel was thrown from his horse while riding on Constitution Hill in London on 29 June The horse stumbled on top of him, and he died three days later on 2 July at the age of 62 due to a clavicular fracture rupturing his subclavian vessels.

They had seven children: [84]. Julia, Lady Peel, died in In his lifetime many critics called him a traitor to the Tory cause, or as "a Liberal wolf in sheep's clothing", because his final position reflected liberal ideas. The consensus view of scholars for much of the 20th century idealised Peel in heroic terms.

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Historian Boyd Hilton wrote that he was portrayed as:. The great Conservative patriot: a pragmatic gradualist, as superb in his grasp of fundamental issues as he was adroit in handling administrative detail, intelligent enough to see through abstract theories, a conciliator who put nation before party and established consensus politics. Biographer Norman Gash wrote that Peel "looked first, not to party, but to the state; not to programmes, but to national expediency.

Gash emphasised the role of personality on Peel's political career:. Peel was endowed with great intelligence and integrity, and an immense capacity for hard work. A proud, stubborn, and quick-tempered man he had a passion for creative achievement; and the latter part of his life was dominated by his deep concern for the social condition of the country. Though his great debating and administrative talents secured him an outstanding position in Parliament, his abnormal sensitivity and coldness of manner debarred him from popularity among his political followers, except for the small circle of his intimate friends.

As an administrator he was one of the greatest public servants in British history; in politics he was a principal architect of the modern conservative tradition.

Sir Robert Peel: The Life and Legacy (Library of Victorian Studies)

By insisting on changes unpalatable to many of his party, he helped to preserve the flexibility of the parliamentary system and the survival of aristocratic influence. The repeal of the Corn Laws in won him immense prestige in the country, and his death in caused a national demonstration of sorrow unprecedented since the death of William Pitt in Peel was the first serving British Prime Minister to have his photograph taken.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Statue by Edward Hodges Baily in Bury. Statue in Parliament Square , London. Statue in Peel Park, Bradford. The following public houses , bars or hotels are named after Peel: [92]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Robert Peel, see Robert Peel disambiguation. British Conservative statesman.

The Right Honourable. Bt FRS.

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Detail of a portrait painting by Henry William Pickersgill. Serving with Sir George Warrender, Bt. Serving with Charles Brooke. Julia Floyd m. Further information: First Peel ministry. Further information: Second Peel ministry. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Memorial outside the Robert Peel public house in Bury town centre, his birthplace. Peel Park in Accrington. Winckley Square in Preston city centre. Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. Montrose town centre. Woodhouse Moor , Leeds. Tamworth town centre.

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George Square , Glasgow. Peel Park, Bradford. Wool Exchange, Bradford. Gawsworth Old Hall , Cheshire.

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Sandy Bay, Tasmania , Australia. Statue in Woodhouse Moor , Leeds.

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Statue in George Square , Glasgow. Statue near Gawsworth Old Hall.

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